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How to stop your boat from porpoising

You’re on the water, the throttle is opened up….but you can’t keep the bow from bouncing around.  It’s making your day boating a little less enjoyable.  Many of us know one way to stop it, trim down…way down.  But what does that do?  Slow you down and eat fuel.

Then you may think, “It must be the prop!”  You spend almost $200 either changing the prop pitch and/or brand.  It may help, but only a little bit.  Then you curse the boat manufacturer and may even go back to the dealer.  “Hydrofoil!” they say.  So you spend almost $100 putting a hydrofoil on your boat.  It may help, but only a little bit.  It also can put unnecessary stress on your transom and in some case throw off the balance of your boat on sharp turns….dangerous!

What else can you do?  Just live with it, right?  Well no.  Has anyone ever suggested trim tabs?  Have you thought, I don’t need those, I only have a 18 foot boat.  I don’t want to mess with installing another electrical system on my boat and then have to worry about tab position with the manual switches.

How about automatic trim tabs?  What are those you ask?  Automatic trim tabs are trim tabs that require no electrical wiring what so ever.  They simply mount on both sides of your transom and act as “shocks” while underway.  At idle they are in the down position, but as you move faster the pressure from the flowing water underneath your boat lifts the tabs into the appropriate position.

The result????

In most cases the elimination of porpoising!  And also a quicker time to plane, faster hole shot and top end speed, and even better fuel economy.  Too good to be true?

There is one company that absolutely guarantees it, or your money back!!!

Nauticus, Inc is the manufacturer of Smart Tabs.  Smart Tabs are 100% automatic and do all of those wonderful things described above.  This isn’t an advertisement, it’s fact.  I know it’s fact because I’ve personally experienced everything talked about in this article.   I know it’s fact because Smart Tabs are our top 5 all time seller.  I know it’s fact because I’ve read countless forum posts from boaters who took the initiative to solve their boat performance problems the right way.

Even if you think your boat is running “fine” or even “good”.  Smart Tabs will make your boat run better….GUARANTEED!

Nervous about drilling into your transom, I was too.  But I got over it and drilled a few small holes and installed both tabs in under 45 minutes using very basic tools.  Most boat dealers will install for you if you’d like.

Smart Tabs trim tabs application 8

There are Smart Tabs for boats as small as 10 feet to as large as 30.  Visit our Web site at http://www.ebuyersworld.com for more information on these tabs, and to order!  If for any reason you’re not satisfied, send them back for a full refund, no questions asked.

Smart Tabs

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