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Humminbird Ice Fishing Flashers Review

This winter, Humminbird’s new Ice Fishing Flashers have taken the industry by storm with features never before seen in flashers.

Select models of the new ICE Flasher Series have an innovative LCD display that allows the flashers to automatically adjust the depth scale eliminating the guess work and estimation of depth scale overlay.  Based on depth scales ranging from twenty to two hundred feet, the LCD display instantly shows an exact depth reading as a large easily visible number, rather than a tic mark.

“Prior to the ICE Flasher Series, LCD displays were unthinkable in extremely cold conditions,” commented Dale Logue, product manager for Humminbird.  “Humminbird’s custom LCD screen is engineered for peak performance in temperatures as cold as 20 below zero (Fahrenheit).”

ICE Flashers are available in three models – ICE-35, ICE-45 and ICE-55.  Both ICE-55 and ICE-45 feature Humminbird’s innovative LCD display.  Unlike any other flasher, all three Humminbird flashers feature a fiber-optic flasher display for exceptional performance in any level of light.  Additionally, the ICE-55 has a revolutionary 6-color display for increased detail of sonar returns.

“Rather than traditional 3-color displays, our 6-color display gives users a greater distinction between targets in the beam.  Ice fishermen can use the ICE-55 to distinguish between a weed shelf, school of baitfish or a trophy fish,” said Logue, “but if they prefer a more traditional 3-color display, the flasher also has two, 3-color palette options.”

ICE-55 users will also notice the model’s unique purple target line.  Ice fishermen can set the target line at a specific depth so they know exactly what depth they should lower their jig.

“The target line is a great feature when a school of fish comes through,” Logue expanded.  “Users can mark the depth the school is at so they know where to lower their jig after each bite – even if the flasher isn’t marking a fish at that moment.”

Each ICE model features a dual beam transducer (selectable 9 or 19 degrees) that allows the flashers to double the view of a specific depth range in the water column.  Other flashers only allow users to zoom in on the very bottom section of the water column.  When ice fishermen press the zoom key, two tic marks bracket the area to be zoomed by 2x on the flasher display.

Each new Ice Fishing Flasher from Humminbird is available at eBuyersWorld.com for a very low introductory price.  Get yours today!

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